Wednesday, September 26, 2012

done. Yay Kori and Colin!

It's no surprise that I love taking pictures when I'm with my friends and family, I love documenting my life. When I was in college I used to say "lets make it a 100 photo night" on random Tuesday nights. I have more pictures of my friends and family than I know what to do with.

So for those of you who want to see tons and tons of pictures of the great dancing wedding reception keep on clicking.

And if you are my facebook friend then expect to either see these pictures filling your feed.

And thanks Cathy for pointing out that these pictures were taken sober. We really are just this much fun.
Special thanks to paparazzi Patsy and Erin for documenting most of the night!

 Congrats to Kori and Colin! 

Also, now you can expect the next couple of posts will be picture overload of my nephews since I'm in Oklahoma for a few more days!

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Cathy said...

People that don't really know us probably think that those dancing pictures were induced by alcohol. Can I make a PSA for the fact that most of us were relatively sober for the majority of them?

Ashley said...

So much fun! When I was in college I had this best friend and we would take like 100 pictures every time we went out too. And then we'd sit there together and go through them all and decide which ones we were going to post.

Have fun in OK :)