Saturday, September 1, 2012

hiking with my new friends.

It's no surprise that I'm usually pretty bored and lonely while Marshall is working.
I have never been into working out mostly because I have a hard time motivating myself.  The apartment complex has a gym and they offer a few free classes. I went to a body toning class and the instructor convinced me to come back for yoga on Saturday morning. Marshall had to work, so I had no excuse not to. I went and am good thing I did!

After the class the instructor and a few girls from class were going hiking. I didn't know you could hike in Philadelphia but there is a huge park, Fairmount Park, pretty close by that they go to. I tagged along for my first adventure with my new work out friends.
It was me, the instructor Audrey who kicked my butt, Linda who has a 13 year old son who kicked my butt, and Eliza who is a few years older than me who kicked my butt.
They all kicked my butt into shape.  
In the woods and in the gym.

This park is crazy. I had no idea where we were or what was going on. There was a restaurant with a wedding going on, boys jumping off trees, families having a BBQ and my new friend Linda bought a bucket of popcorn half way through at the snack bar.
She is hilarious. Like, I want to hang out with her everyday. 

It might surprise you all but I have a hard time hanging out with people I don't know.... but I'm so glad that I went. And I am happy to say that I look forward to going to cardio boot camp class this week because I know I have 3 friends who will be there to motivate me.



Kendra said...

free classes?! unheard of! and hooray for new friends.

Robyn said...

brilliant! always great to meet new people that you want to become friends with...then they do!