Thursday, December 30, 2010


AHHH!! Yayayaya!!!! Yesssssss!

I am sooo excited right now! Can't you tell!? Our ridiculously talented and awesome photographer Amanda Watson just posted some of her favorite shots from our photo shoot on her blog!! We took over a 1,000 pictures and she is still editing away, but I'm pretty sure she knew I couldn't wait any longer!

Click HERE to see lots more!

I can't pick a favorite yet... I love them all! I'm so excited to see more soon!

Thank you SO much Amanda! You are insanely gifted at what you do! We can't wait for May!



Kara Pyo said...

SO beautiful! I just finished scrolling through all the pics she posted...they're perfect. It seems like yesterday you were taking our pics :)

Jessica said...

Cousin! - these are awesome and you are GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to see you as a bride! And Marshall is not bad to look at either :) Gotta love a man with lots of hair!! Such a cute couple. Love you xoxo

jo said...

absolutely lovely, heidi!!! so happy for you and marshall.

Nancy Branch said...

What jessica said!! Love all the pictures and love you!

Rebecca said...

Your pictures are adorable! As are you guys. :) Love all the pics!