Tuesday, March 12, 2013

parents, pools, and horses

My sweet mom and dad have flown back to the land of Oklahoma and I am here to recap our super fun visit. As you all know when you have guests you eat way too much, sleep way less, and have way more fun.

The first day they were here Marshall had to work. So my mom and I went shopping while my dad waited around, people watching, like a good man. 

After Marshall got off work we headed down to South Beach to get our party on. And show my parents the insaneness of Miami at night.

We walked around and then ended up taking them to Monty's. If you have seen the episode of Keeping  Up with the Kardashians where Scott goes to have dinner with the group of lesbians. That's where we were. They have a good happy hour with delicious drinks, its outside right on the water, and they have a pool in the middle of the place. 2 guys fell/pushed/jumped in while we were there!

BTW. I am having eye issues. I had to visit Marshall at work and after looking into my eye I can't wear my contacts for a week. So all the pictures you will see of me, I'm in glasses. 

We woke up the next day and walked to our favorite little Cuban coffee/breakfast joint down the street from us.
I don't even drink coffee, but Cuban coffee is da bomb.
AGAIN, if you have seen the episode of Kardashians where Khloe really wants coffee and her and Kim stop at this EXACT Cuban coffee place (I told you they lived right by us, who knew they went to the same place we go to all the time!) Khloe then becomes addicted to a Cuban coffee called a Cortadito. The cortaditos at Three Palms are like crack. And so cheap.

After eating too much we headed to the horse tracks.
Because who doesn't love to bet on horses with hilarious names.

And bonus, we got free beer mugs with our $1 programs.

It turns out my mom is the best at picking the winners. She won every race. Too bad we only bet $1 each time. I think total we all won was maybe $2.20.

We couldn't stay the whole day because we had to go meet my Aunt Candy and Uncle Skip, my dad's sister for dinner. However, I took only 1 picture and it was on my moms phone! Fail.

First 2 days, so fun! I don't want them to leave. Ever.



Kendra said...

cuban coffee is the BEST. i loved the episode of khloe riding around on her scooter, looking for coffee at 5am!

Bethany said...

You're absolutely going to run into them one day and you can bond over that time you saw them get the key to the city and your love of Cuban coffee.