Thursday, March 14, 2013

fried shrimp

Marshall had to work on Monday for half the day so my mom and I did what we do best, shop. While my dad continued to be a good man and hang out while we shopped! We picked Marshall up at work so he could look at my eye and tell me I have to KEEP wearing my glasses. Ugh. I am over it.

We went to this little seafood joint that was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, La Camaronera
I don't even like seafood but this place changed my ways. 

After we dominated so much food we used our free museum passes (thank you Miami library for being so awesome once again) and headed to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.
 It's this rich persons estate from the 1920's. It was HUGE. The gardens were amazing. It felt very Downton Abbey. 
 You weren't allowed to take pics in the house, lame.

Definitely a beautiful site to see, but without the free museum passes I'm not sure I would have gone otherwise. But that's just because I'm cheap.


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Jessica said...

Love that pic of Mia & ChopChop! So cute! (and you and Marshall are pretty cute too)