Sunday, November 18, 2012

a weekend in NC

So after only a few days in Miami, we had to leave again for Charlotte, North Carolina for Marshall's board exam. But the day before we were supposed to leave I got struck with the flu bug and it was bad. I may never eat spaghetti again, if you know what I mean.

I didn't know if I was going to be able to get on a plane, but when I woke up I felt much better, no throwing up, just a horrible head cold. But I can handle that. I'm not missing out on a weekend away for sitting home alone in a city I don't know!

We got there Thursday afternoon and I was so tired and a little achy that after we got lunch, we just went back to the hotel and rested. Marshall took a nap. I watched a horrible talk show after Lindsay Lohan's dad finding out he had another daughter. Awesome.

We were blessed to have been given our hotel room by a family member, thank you sweet L for that! And we had free happy hour so we took the princess cards, enjoyed the complimentary beverages, and relaxed before the big test.
Marshall said I need to keep different cards in my purse, but I prefer my girls.

Marshall's test was Friday at noon. People were confused why we had to go to Charlotte. Let me explain. The optometry boards are 3 parts. The first part he dominated in March in Phoenix. The second part every student must take December 4th, we have to drive another 3 hours for that! And the 3rd part you can take whenever (he took before the 2nd part) BUT it HAS to be in Charlotte at their standardize clinical rooms, or whatever. 

So he went off to this test and lucky for me there was a Panera across the street that I sat at for 4 hours.
After he finished we celebrated with walking around and then hitting up a food truck party.
After we dominated our black bean burgers and whatever weird thing Marshall had we went back to the hotel for happy hour and cards. 

We had some time on Saturday before our flight so we headed back to downtown to walk around and explore a little. We noticed how clean the city was. Coming from Philadelphia, pretty much anything is considered clean, but Charlotte was extra clean.
 There were a few different conventions going on and a marathon. So we joined in on their festivities.
We did not see Emily Maynard at the tracks...

The best part about the day was we made $20!
There was a huge car show, and Chevrolet was standing outside asking people if they wanted to test drive a car for a $10 Visa gift card. 
Heck yes!
We didn't even have to wait in line, we picked what car we wanted to drive, drove around the block, and then they gave us money.


And before we knew it we were on a plane headed "home".

It actually feels good to be back in this heat!


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