Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weddings overtake Birthdays.

This year for my 25th birthday we had a giant wedding craft day.
I hate crafting. But having my friends and family there helping made it fun and easy.
A LOT got done!

Although Cathy looks like she was just reading the old books rather than helping...
A lot was accomplished.

I almost feel like I'm ready to get this wedding started... almost.

Also, Karli brought her baby over for some entertainment.
I think there was a love connection...

They both love the mailbox toy and the vacuum.
That's love.

Also, my dad had a big day.
He flew solo for the first time. Congratulations Papa Chop Chop!

I love how different and fun the 2 birthdays were.
I can't wait to see what and where next year will be like.

And a BIG thanks to all that helped with craft day. It couldn't have happened without you!


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