Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ways to help!

You all know all about Pryce.
You all love him already.

And I feel like you would like to help?
I know us young people often feel like we don't have lots of money to donate but you can help in other ways than just money.

Prayer. They need lots of prayer. And I know that is one thing that you can give.
Prayer for peace as they patiently await their new child, prayer for acceptance of a new baby brother from Jett, prayer for adjustments for all, prayer for the finances.
They need lots of prayer.

And if anyone DOES want to help financially (they are still trying to raise quite a bit of money still) they are selling t-shirts.

We are the t-shirt family. So why not right?
America or Bust!
1 color, front.
You pick your size, we send you a random color.
Kind of like a lottery. Kind of fun.

Or the 'We've Got Soul' baby blue
front and back design
How could you not love that panda bear?

If you're interested send me an email heidi.k.reeves@gmail.com with your info and we will have it to you ASAP.

Spread the word. Link it to you blog. Pray lots.
You too can make a difference in this chubby little baby boy's life.


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