Monday, August 17, 2009

Atlantic City. The Vegas of the east

We wanted to spend our last few days relaxing at the beach... however we had to actually make it to the beach first...

It was worse than Disney World. The line to check in was CRAZY. We clumped our luggage together while waiting for our room to become available. The adults stayed to watch the bags, us kids hit the beach!

We set up camp next to these people... I was secretly hoping for a little crack from this guy.

I had to put him on a train back to Philly... can't you tell how sad we are by our sad faces :( 

And the next day Dawson made me feel better by throwing mud sand all over me, thanks Dawson!

The water was warm, the food was delicious, but the family time tops it all. What a great way to spend my last few days!

Back to Baltimore for training, then off to China on Monday. 

I'll talk to you in the future.

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