Monday, August 8, 2011

61 years

Today the grandparents celebrate their 61st year of marital bliss.

I shared here a little bit about my gram's cancer and what she is going through. I could write a whole lot about how much they have influenced my life and how special these 2 are, but honestly, you people know my feelings, and I would just end up blubbering through the whole post. So I will leave you with Gram and Pops last year on their anniversary.
Wow. It's crazy how much can change in year.

Happy Anniversary Gram and Pops!! You are my favorites!


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Audrey R said...

Heidi - I so appreciate your posts. Thanks also for documenting Eric's craziness when he visited...I, for one, would love to hear more about how Grams and Pops have influenced you over the years and what you love about them. Whenever you feel like writing, I'll be here to read it.. :)