Tuesday, November 16, 2010

twenty something is more like forty something or something

If you are reading this and you did not attend or ever visit the Oklahoma State University campus then you might not find this post the least bit entertaining.

Also, I might be the only one that didn't know this. I can still use the excuse "I've been in China"... right?

So you know the trusty Kerr-Drumond dorm?
The old, pee smelling dorm? The awesome Pistol Pizza, Taco Mayo, and Twenty Something convenient store where we all used all of our meal plan money to stock up on Burt's Bees and Christmas presents? You know the place.

But if you walked in there today, you wouldn't even know where you were.

Today, I went back to college.
Keagan, a girl who works for the parentals, has a meal plan. She mentioned Which Wich on campus. WHAAAA??? We don't have one of those in Stillwater on campus. WAIT. YES WE DO!

And she still has lots of $$$ left on her meal plan. SCORE.

So we loaded the car and headed to Kerr-Drumond for some Which Wich.
The nasty cafeteria that once was, is no longer there.
We all kept trying to talk like we were in college. Tests, sleeping in, parties, no responsibilities, we felt kind of lame.

I miss college. But maybe I just miss my friends.

After lunch I partied with this kid.

I can't imagine what college will be like when it's his turn.

BTW. Twenty Something is HUGE, it takes up pretty much the entire 1st floor. You can buy fruits and veggies there. Pistol Pizza is no more. Along with Taco Mayo. No more.

Kids these days are so spoiled. They don't even know it.



Brittany said...

is it blog appropriate to comment on every post you make? you might wish i never started blogging! ha! but that is CRAZY! i would have been at which wich all the time if it was there when we were! BTW i miss my friends too. :) see you next week!

Ashley Smith said...

Pistol Pizza...man, I ate alot of that during freshman year (insert mental image of thighs/hips growing larger here). Wonder where the term freshman 15 comes from???