Monday, January 10, 2011

we have too much stuff.

This might be the least amount of photos I have ever taken on a trip. But I guess when you are driving for 2 days straight, and then unpacking for days straight there aren't a lot of photo opts. And plus, that extra energy to pull out the camera and snap just hasn't been there.

Here are a few pics from our Uhaul drive across (what felt like) the world.

I got to drive. Which scares most people. And it should.
My foot got a huge cramp because the pedal was too big. Marshall made me stop driving after that.

Marshall made us stop in Lexington, KY at the Gun Warehouse. Apparently it's world famous. Who knew?

We drove through lots of states.
West Virginia was the only one I captured.

We Are Marshall.

And once we finally got to Philly, and got the big Uhual down our tiny street we unloaded.
And couldn't walk anywhere.

Notice the box spring mattress in the doorway. It is still there. It won't fit upstairs. Hmm.. plan B.

Did I mention our outside door is only 29 inches. 29 inches! Go measure your INSIDE door. It is a whole lot bigger that I guarantee. This limits everything (and everyone) that goes through our door. Bummer.

And then the next day it snowed.
I already miss garages. And driveways.

And closets. There aren't closets in Philly.


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